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X Mind is also lets you keep up to date with peacock feathers and peacock feathers. Shoes and shoes on WFH maintain. Presented by orgulous pela X Mind. It inspires you to find the right quality and the right quality. Enjoy a free mental health game in sues moas. We need the first instant access to the moment with X Mind, a brainstorming solution and mental multiplayer platform and complete for all.

X Mind is Easy and easy-to-find – with simple ingenuity, good thinking and fax work required.30 in. Admission – Book Students and Students Absolutely Required Prayer Cleanly. Quite a half forward today Found and supported: Search specials. The monumental architectural combination helps explain the various jets. Updated application settings in Windows.. Optimum Exhibition Exhibition PDF. Evaluate long-term validation of information on macOS. Outline Outline with available non-descriptive X Mind files .A well-organized person tends to be more likely to succeed. Use mind map to manage your ideas and documents and improve your quality of life. It is not easy to remember complicated information. But if you use colors, images and keywords to improve your memory and retention. Also, make learning more interesting and fun.

X Mind is With a focus on mind mapping for just 12 years, X Mind is our clear introduction to the Mann Mapping Tool. With its latest design, easy experience and powerful features, X Mind is a powerful uneasy to use mind mapping and brainstorming tool on all devices.# Beautiful and easy to use X Mind mind mapping tool Desktop; P-Class Madding Graphics Engine (Snowbrush): Desktop; Ensure such a fast and powerful mind mapping experience. We provide fishpond chart, matrix, chronology, brace chart, element chart, regulate causal relationships to ideas / events, allow for in-depth comparative analysis, milestones and timeline tracking. Many great products start with a small idea. A mind map can really be useful at the beginning of a project. Use it to record every idea in the meeting, you may be surprised at the difference and achievement in the long run. Creativity makes you a more interesting person and allows you to get more opportunities in work and life. Mind maps help you think more, think more and are encouraged to explore different creative paths.



What’s New?

1. In this method, we have limited the issue of operating pensions when I change applications;

2. Operating intelligence on the top and bottom arrows of your Outliner computer has been improved;

3. When sharing X Mind files, they will be moved to the target location where they would be copied from under special circumstances. This has already been fixed.

Key Details of X Mind


  • You probably won’t see such a brain map anywhere else: .
  • every branch is a structure
  • So you are allowed to express different minds in one mind map.

Steps of X Mind

1. Added “News” to the “Help” menu.
2. Fixed an issue that could cause an error when deleting a relationship.
3. Fixed an issue where callouts could fail to open a file.
4. Fixed an issue with right-click menu popups in special cases.
5. Fixed an error when saving a file in special cases.
6. Fixed an issue where the topic text could be cleared when editing a topic using the spacebar in special cases.
7. Fixed an issue with topic position after dragging multiple floating topics.
8. Fixed an issue with the display of Windows toolbar icons.
9. Fixed an issue with cursor position after entering memo text in some IMEs.
10. Fixed an issue where some equations were not completely displayed in the exported PDF.
11. Displaying the title bar when the file name is too long.

12. The number of topics in the Outliner has been added.
13. Optimized multiple details about Outliner.
14. Optimizing the default aspect of the relationship insertion.
15. Optimizing the loading performance of the font list.
16. Fixed the issue of splitting content when exporting PDF to Outliner.
17. Some Outliner printing issues have been resolved.
18. Fixed image loss issue when exporting to Text Bundle.
19. Fixed the issue of resetting the software configuration after an exceptional output.
20. Fixed some issues caused by some keyboard or IME issues.
21. Fixed the issue of opening custom theme files by other programs.
22. The blocked problem was solved when opening the format panel.
23. Other known issues have been resolved.

Meeting notes: Record meeting content and ideas on a mind map as a clear and beautiful diagram, add it to your PPT and show it to your colleagues.

Information: Organize your public notes and outline maps, and keep you informed of all developments.

Inspiration packages: Quickly, record the motivation in his soul and anywhere and create your own experience. Develop positive relationships with friends.

Travel plans; Make a daily plan before you go. Write down your travel details during your trip.

Restart: Express yourself in the diagram of the Matrix or Timeline more efficiently and gain confidence.

Annual Plan :All your plans on a daily, weekly and monthly basis or at least an annual plan can be clearly shown on the map.

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